Padre Pedro is from Cajamarca, Peru. His father died suddenly when he was seven, and he was raised by his mother. He felt his calling to the priesthood at the age of 30. At the time he was working in construction, and for a while he denied the calling. He entered the community in June 2004, but after the six-month Aspirancy he initially declined the invitation to stay. Shortly after that he was on a retreat and one of the priests said, "Whatever you have to do, do it now." After he heard this he felt he had to come back.

He chose the name Pedro (Peter) because he said his head is like a rock (with great laughter). He then clarified to say he felt a close companionship with St. Peter in that he also had denied Jesus three times. Padre Pedro also has a great devotion to Santa Rosa de Mystica.

Padre Pedro was ordained as a priest on 26 April 2014. Along with Padre Jose Maria, they are the first ordained priests since the community was started by Padre Martín.