Brother Benito is from the Piura province in Peru, which is about 18 hours to the north of Lima by auto. He felt his calling to the priesthood at age 17, but he says for years before that it was a curiosity then it became a decision. He found out about Padre Martín's community when a friend attended a retreat run by Padre Martín in Piura. He had his friend make the connection and send his information to Padre. Br. Benito entered the community in February of 2004.

He chose Benito as his religious name because St. Benedict was contemplative and he felt he wanted to be more contemplative. He had also considered St. Martín de Porres or St. Augustine, but the name Benito become stronger in his heart as he was discerning his choice. He laughs about it now because he actually prefers to be more active rather than contemplative. He has a strong desire for missionary work in many countries. He wants to see the world as he does God's work.

He completed his main studies in the seminary and was ordained a Deacon in 2016. He recently received his ordination into the priesthood on 2 February 2019.