Madre Teresa

Madre Teresa is from Trujillo, Peru and is the Founder and Mother Superior of the newly formed Missionary Sisters of God's Mercy. This is the female order attached to Padre Martin Scott's Order, Siervos de la Divina Misericordia. Madre Teresa was living the consecrated life for 30 years before gaining Vatican approval to found the new Order. She felt something stirring at the age of 13, but confirmed her calling to religious life at 16. Her family did not (and still does not) approve. She took her first vows in December of 1983 to join Canonesas de la Cruz in Lima and rotated to several houses of the Order, ending her time with the Order in Huaraz, Peru.

From 1992 she developed a great devotion to Divine Mercy. She spent about seven years discerning the calling she felt to found a new order centered on Divine Mercy. She was very nervous about it, but she knew it was the will of God and it would be okay. After conversations with a Franciscan Capuchin priest and another Mother Superior, she was introduced to Padre Martín. Her order did not want to let her go, but she recieved approval from the Vatican to be released to found the new order, Hermanas Misioneras de la Misericordia de Dios, or Missionary Sisters of God's Mercy. She also took on her new name, Madre Teresa de la Misericordia de Dios.