Padre Mariano de Jesús was born in Lima but lived his life in Huancayo which is about six hours from Lima. He felt his calling to the priesthood at age five while watching the Our Lord of the Miracles procession (a huge event in Peru). When the camera focused on Jesus up close, he saw Jesus' eyes open and stare at him. Since then he knew he would be a priest. He originally tried to enter a charismatic community but was told they were not taking more Aspirants that year. In early 2004 his mother brought him to Lima. He was talking to a religious singer one day, and she suddenly started asking him if he had a vocation. Still upset by the rejection, he told her he didn't want to talk about vocations. She told him about Padre Martín Scott and how he had recently returned to Peru and started a community. Without being asked, she then called up Padre Martín and said, "I have a young man here with a vocation."

The next thing he knew he was talking to Padre Martín on the phone and was asked to come over. He declined, but the singer then said she was going and he could ride with her. Then she just dropped him off and left! Because he had seen Padre Martín giving talks at a conference, he says he felt like he was with a movie star. He was still not interested. But then he saw Padre Martín look up toward heaven for a moment, after which he said, "Jesus told me this: My son, don't be afraid because I choose the weakest." Right after Padre Martín said that he felt in his heart that he would join the community. He arrived in the community in late March of 2004.

As he was leaving for the community, his mother handed him a booklet she had found in their house on St. Domingo Savio, thinking it must be his. He said he had no book like that, but his mother insisted. He read the booklet and enjoyed it very much. When Padre Martín told him he had to take a religious name, he took that as a sign. He then read a more complete biography and on retreat confirmed his choice of the name Domingo. Later he was inspired to change his name to Mariano de Jesús and now goes by Mariano.

Padre Mariano was ordained in August 2019.