Padre Juan Pablo is originally from Cusco, Peru in the province of Canas. He joined the community in January of 2006. He started out in a Diocesan program, but felt very strongly that he wanted to be in a familial community life. He was introduced to Padre Martín at a Mass in Huachipa, which he attended specifically for an introduction. From the time he met Padre Martín it took 10 months to arrange the paperwork for the transfer. He then spent six months as an Aspirant, one year as a Postulant, and two years as a Novice before entering the seminary.

He felt the calling to be a priest at the age of 14, and his charism is his ability to relate to children and young people. He says he feels very happy in his vocation and with the community. When choosing his religious name, he went on a retreat to discern between three choices he was having trouble narrowing. When he returned, still not fully decided, they all asked him which he had chosen but he didn't want to say anything. Padre Martín then blurted out, "Did you choose Juan Pablo?!" He took that as confirmation and so became Brother Juan Pablo.

Padre Juan Pablo was ordained into the priesthood on 17 April 2021.