Brother Agustín was born in Lima, but he grew up in Huancayo along with Brothers Domingo and Pio. He felt the calling to the priesthood at age 16, but his parents thought it was better for him to pursue a career. He ignored the calling for many years, pursuing instead the "pleasures of the world." He had a very holy experience during a retreat in 2006 and spent two years in discernment with a polish priest. He felt a strong devotion to Divine Mercy and wanted to go to Poland and complete seminary training there. After learning this was not possible, he was led to Padre Martín's community through Brother Domingo.

He first entered the community in December of 2008 and is currently studying Philosophy in the seminary. He chose Agustín as his name because he felt a close kinship in the way St. Augustine also spent many years in the world before commiting himself to Jesus Christ.