Padre Pío is from Huancayo in the Ancash Province of Peru. He felt his calling to the priesthood at the age of 19-20. He was involved in a Catholic Charismatic Renewal group, and several of the people were telling him he was going to be a priest. Then when he was in confession one day, the priest (whom he did not know) told him he was going to be a priest. He found his way to the community through Padre Mariano de Jesús. They were from the same city, and  Padre Mariano de Jesús, who had already met Padre Martín, told him he had a friend who was interested in the priesthood. This was in 2004.

Padre Pío chose his name after reading a biography of St. Padre Pio. St. Pio's gift for confession made a big impression on him. The ministry of confession is very important to him. He has a charism of music, but he also feels like he may be called to be an exorcist at some point.

Padre Pío completed his seminary studies and was ordained as a Deacon in 2016. He received his ordination into the priesthood on 2 February 2019.